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Glen Meadows Celebrations of Life

During this emotional time you may struggle to find ways to honor the life of the one you have lost. We have gathered some ideas on celebrating and honouring their life. Most often speeches are planned and prepared however allowing your guests to be more informal and speaking as they are moved to do so can be a beautiful addition or substitution for the more formal prepared speeches.

Generally music can be a great comfort and uplifting while providing a distraction when needed. Choosing music that was well liked or had particularly close meaning is well fitted.

A slideshow of pictures gathered from friends and family can be played throughout the memorial.

A guest book should be available for your attendees. Words of comfort and comments can be left for you to read at a later moment. Or if you would prefer, you could hand out small blank notebooks for your guests to share a story and return at a later date. You may choose to compile these stories into a booklet for a tribute to your loved one.

A memory table can hold a display of symbols of their lifelong hobbies and collectables. You can also include a display of family, friends and treasured pet pictures.

Favours are not something you may first think to offer during this time. However, a simple packet of seeds for guests to take home to plant can be a way of loving memories to grow. A small card of a poem or piece of writing could be placed at each place setting alongside a favourite candy or recipe.

You may choose to plant a tree or special plant in their honor. You can often have a dedicated bench or plaque with an inscription to your loved one placed in a favourite park.

Download the Celebrations of Life brochure for full details.